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  • Volkswagen K70, the NSU that became VW

    Volkswagen K70, the NSU that became VW

    In the mid-80s, the development wheels in Neckarsulm were running at full speed. NSU was working full steam ahead on two mid-range newbies. The RoXNUMX with Wankel engine was destined to show the world the innovation potential of NSU in an ultramodern way. A second middle class car that is also stylistically progressive, with a more Read more

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    Audi 50. The first Supermini from Germany

    In October 1974, Audi presents a car in the popular and modern Supermini class that fits in with the prevailing trend of smaller cars with front-wheel drive and a tailgate that hinges from the roof. The Audi 50 was born, and it will go down in history as the first German Supermini. Audi NSU Auto Union AG sets high Read more

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    NSU TTS. Popular athlete from Neckarsulm.

    The 1967 facelift of the Prinz 1000 - which from then on was called 'NSU 1000' - was the signal for NSU to also tackle the sporty variant. The TT was equipped with a 1177 cc engine, which produced 65 HP. It replaced the 1085 cc engine from the Prinz TT. The Neckarsulmer company, however, honored the 1000 cc engine from the NSU Prinz 1000 and NSU 996. This was - in highly adapted form - intended for the fastest 'Prinz derivative' of NSU: The NSU TTS. Read more

  • Tuning NSU TTS

    Tuning, now and then…

    In fact, tuning means 'tune in' (to the optimum). To us it sounds like 'making it faster'. A comrade's son had his Suzuki tuned… Chip tuning. The Swift was clearly better by it He grew from 125 to 141 hp. The torque increased from 148 to 166 Nm. And all that without Read more

  • NSU Prinz

    NSU Prinz, four in a row

    Hylkema Sr had a dismantling company in Nijeholtpade for many years, where thousands of cars were processed over time. There was a demolition ban on one brand and type, those were beautiful cars with character, quality inside and out, the technical conception with three letters was sufficient for him: NSU. Like this NSU Prinz-en Read more

  • NSU RO80 openwork photo

    NSU Ro80. Now better than ever

    And then suddenly there was a car that took the steady development of the car 'as we knew it' with a 'technical leap' to a 'next level': NSU presented its Ro80 under the rallying cry: “Advantage through Technology”. With its wedge-shaped body, the large NSU Ro80 seemed generations ahead of the competition. Read more

  • Air cooled engines

    Air-cooled engines or water-cooled engines

    It was not the least brands that made air-cooled engines: VW, Porsche, Tatra, NSU, Chevrolet, Magirus… Making air-cooled engines is simpler and cheaper. At one time, the biggest advantage was that they weighed less, didn't leak or freeze. The main disadvantage was that air-cooled engines left the occupants largely in the cold during the Read more

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