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  • Porsche book

    Unique Porsche book

    Porsche has released the Porsche book 'Into the Frame'. In the Porsche book you will find the largest collection of classic Porsches and their owners that you will probably ever come across in a book. Last year, Porsche organized rides for the brand's classic cars. In this case, classic was understood to mean: models that at least Read more

  • Museum

    Our toppers in the Mercedes Benz and Porsche museums

    At the beginning of this year we visited the museums of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche in Stuttgart. The two treasuries provided a more than impressive insight into the history of both German prestige manufacturers. We set ourselves a challenge to put together a Top 3 for each museum, an almost impossible task. Still succeeded Read more

  • Max Verstappen

    Max Verstappen sets a new lap record at Zandvoort

    Max Verstappen improved the lap record on the Zandvoort circuit during the Jumbo Race Days yesterday. And that's how it should be: the lap record should of course be in the hands of 'our' Dutch F1 driver. What the news about Max Verstappen on a site about classics does? The car Verstappen drove is hard Read more

  • Tulip rally

    Tulip rally kicks off in Almere

    The Tulpenrallye doesn't actually start until May 7. However, interested parties and of course the participants themselves could already experience some anticipation in Almere on Saturday afternoon. Normally the technical inspection for a rally is a bit boring: paperwork, checking that all the lights in the car are working, that sort of thing. The organization of the Read more

  • in

    Biography Gijs van Lennep has been published

    Gijs van Lennep's biography was published yesterday. The book could of course only be presented in one place: at Pon, between the Porsches. 'It is not a Porsche book,' says compiler Mark Koense, 'but Gijs van Lennep's racing career is of course inextricably linked with Porsche. However, in the book you also see the Read more

  • in ,

    1974. The VW Golf by Gijs van Lennep

    In the autumn of 1974, the first clouds of dust around the launch of the Beetle successor Golf were lifted. Volkswagen's compact hatch has been well received by the press. Not only the design is praised. Especially the specific driving characteristics of the front-wheel drive VW are regularly praised. Gijs van Lennep is in the autumn of Read more

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