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  • Honda CB 750

    Honda CB 750 OHC - K3? Not the girls.

    The time when you bought a reasonable CB 1.500 OHC for 750 guilders is long gone. But 'the' Honda CB 750 OHC does not exist. Small adjustments were made during production and then you also had the timeline of: K2, K3, K3 to K8. Then, as you know, […] More

  • Honda CB350

    From consolation prize to main prize: The Honda CB350 F

    The small Honda CB Four would initially come out as a Honda CB250 and Honda CB350 cc version. In the end, only the Honda CB350 Four saw the light of day. The Honda CB350's were the smallest Honda four-cylinder model of the 'OHC' range. They were made from 1972-1974 and they were wonderful machines. RECOVERY […] More

  • Honda CB750

    The Honda CB750 'Seven Fifty' DOHC

    The successor to the 'naked' Honda CB750 OHCs. He had the thankless task of following up on the Motor of (again the previous) Century. And in the meantime it is already classic in many aspects. But no matter how much better it is than the OHC models, it will never be an engine of any century […] More