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  • Hoornsterzwaag

    Happy in Hoornsterzwaag

    Whether I will also go to Hoornsterzwaag this year. It is the question posed by neighbor Michel Verhaag from Leeuwarden, and to which he has known the answer for a long time. Yet a spontaneous "yes" escapes from my mouth. A confirmation gladly expressed, because I think the Oldtimerfestival Hoornsterzwaag is one of the best events on More

  • Ascension weekend

    Coming Ascension weekend full of events

    The classic car season is in full swing. During the Ascension weekend, there are again pleasant events on the menu for the classic riders. We highlight some festivals and tours. The 25nd edition of the Oldtimerfestival will take place in Hoornsterzwaag on 22 May. Saturday 27 May, the enthusiasts can, along the side of the road More