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  • Jaguar XJ
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    The exciting car year 1968. Part two.

    Last week we presented the first part of our selection of cars from 1968, which will see Abraham in 2018. In the year that was revolutionary in many ways, more newcomers came into the picture. Also this week we will put a number of jubilees from 1968 in the picture. Special cars, which will be introduced in that exciting car year More

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    Opel and Buick, and the Opel GT

    Opel and Buick once belonged to General Motors together. And at one point, GM's control over all its subsidiaries was quite broad and international. For example, the Opel Rekords started to look very much like Chevrolets around 1970. The Opel GT, according to quite a few people the only beautiful car ever in it More

  • Opel GT 1900

    A passion for Opel GTs

    And share the source of worldwide sales of Opel GT. It will come as no surprise that that epic center, which is Valhalla for Opel GT enthusiasts, is of course in Velswijk, only about 540 kilometers from Paris. Patrick Suselbeek is an Opel GT adept and the garage company named after him is also busy More