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    Opel Manta A. Still very popular after 50 years

    The year 1970 produced a number of particularly beautiful cars. One of the striking newcomers of that year was the Opel Manta-A, which debuted in September 1970 in northern Germany. The beautiful and strikingly stylized coupé was an absolute enrichment of the fleet, and was recognizable out of thousands for a lifetime. Opel built the first […] More

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    The new cars from 1970. Part one

    The seventies have begun. The car manufacturers want to capitalize on the developments of the sixties. In 1970 it is immediately hit. Development periods of years result in various high-profile newcomers. Moreover, many manufacturers vary greatly on existing concepts. Today part one of the fascinating car year 1970, in which we present a number of illustrious […] More