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    Opel Manta A. Still very popular after 50 years

    The year 1970 brought forth some very fine cars. One of the notable newcomers of that year was the Opel Manta-A, which debuted in Northern Germany in September 1970. The beautiful and strikingly stylized coupé was an absolute enrichment of the fleet, and was recognizable from thousands for a lifetime. Opel built the first More

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    Opel Manta and Manta! (der Film)

    If you, as a car, bring it to the point where your name is used as a movie title? Then you are a winner. Manta! (from 1991) is one such film. A film from the time when Opel's Manta was a high-quality 'Sjonnie & Anita car'. As in the header for the film: Bertie is the proud owner of an 'aso-car', an Opel Manta, the Porsche of the proletariat. He makes a bet with the tough owner of a souped-up Mercedes. And it is not entirely without danger. The English title for the film was 'Racing in the street' by the way. Boring… More

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    Elegant Opel Manta A

    This Opel Manta A is an undisputed showpiece and has been owned by Frits Groen for more than 25 years. This model had a special place in his heart, but was out of his reach because he didn't have a driver's license and was not yet of legal age at 17. In the years More

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    The Opel B Manta

    The Opel Manta is a classic rear-wheel drive sports coupé. The model came on the market in 1970 and was built in two successive generations until 1988. The Manta was succeeded by the Opel Calibra. And we'll come back to that. Competitors of the Opel Manta in his time were the Ford Capri, the More

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    Opel Manta: 40 year

    The Manta exists 40 year. The Manta was actually nothing but the Coupé of the Ascona and available as 1600, 1600S and 1900S.