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  • The Paladijn as it was without cockpit

    The Paladin. The constant factor – column

    In 1970 I bought the weekly magazine Motor every week. Printed in black and white on newsprint. The owner of the bookshop had a dark green BMW R60 with E-Glass make-up and Hoske mufflers. The June issue of Motor from 1970 featured an article about 'the Paladijn' by Ab van Ginhoven. More

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    Tuning from a box with plugs

    More experienced readers will remember (the stories) that there was an oil change every 1500-2000 kilometers and that the carburetion, ignition and valves were also seriously demanding attention by then. That a top-end overhaul at 20D km was not at all uncommon. The time when BMW boxers were unbeatable in terms of quality and reliability. More

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