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  • Panhard 17BT.

    Panhard 17BT (1965). A great car!

    Usually you fall for cars from the period in which you grew up. That is why we always look for the classics of today with a prying eye in our wanderings. One of those 'voitures unique au monde' is the Panhard 17 BT. By: Dirk de Jong We found this Panhard in Heerde at Classics Cars. Read more

  • Panhard 24 CT

    Panhard 24 CT. A special classic in AMK 6-2020

    Unusual. That's just an understatement for the Panhard 24 CT, which entered this month Auto Motor Klassiek has been described. The car is unique in several respects. State-of-the-art design and an eye for detail go hand in hand with the further development of the air-cooled Panhard two-cylinder engine. We saw a special cocktail and enjoyed it Read more

  • in

    Citroën and Panhard's swan song

    In 1955 Citroën a 25% stake in Panhard. The longest-established car manufacturer in France has always been good for special solutions. And that was no different after the Second World War, although under the supervision of Louis Delagarde, very special 2-cylinder boxer engines were used in the forecastle. Read more

  • Panhard 24 CT Coupe

    Panhard 24 CT Coupé, timeless lines

    Were people aware of the special features of this Panhard 24 CT Coupé? The interest in this beautiful coupe turned out to be too small to continue production, and in 1967 the beautiful car and the Panhard brand came to an end. (Where now Citroën Read more

  • Panhard Dyna X

    Panhard Dyna X, a stunning car

    The pleasure of a classic goes much further than it possesses, you can show it (her?) at classic events and enjoy the admiration experienced by the many visitors. Then you are prepared to tell everything about the stunning Panhard Dyna X… By: Dirk de Jong The year of manufacture is 1953, this model was Read more

  • Panhard Parts

    Parts Panhard

    'Panhardis', so owners and tinkerers in the Panhard field call themselves, know that the availability of new parts is a crime and therefore the refuge must be sought for used stuff, used stuff that has been loyal to us for at least five decades. Read more