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  • Slaleways

    Slalewalking: be your own Max Verstappen

    Okay, we're getting F1 races at Zandvoort again. But what's in it for us? Well, we can see Max Verstappen driving and because we haven't been able to cheer on an Eleven Cities winner for ages, that's good. But whether classic enthusiasts still want to have anything to do with the current state of affairs in F1? More

  • Lelystad circuit, oval raCING

    Erasing on Lelystad

    Pure motor sport for change. And an ultimate cozier team spirit on the circuit of Lelystad. Car speedway and car slalom starts where many motor sports end, namely the publi's entertainment More

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    An invitation

    The Two-Wheelers Committee of the FEHAC would like to invite you to participate with your classic motorcycle for free in the National Oldtimer Festival 2012 on the Circuit of Zandvoort, 30 sept. ash More