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    Peugeot. Classic enjoyment in Salviac-Pepy

    I walk through the grounds of a special French museum. The motorized France of that time is no closer than in Salviac-Pepy. Patina from before and after the Second World War bears different names and emblems. And those names are mostly French. The historical shapes enchant and enchant, especially in combination with More

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    Peugeot 204

    Peugeot 204: ahead of its time At the time – we are talking about 16 – the Renault 1965 was not the only French car that was ahead of its time, it is also the year of the introduction of the Peugeot 204. A car that may have already long forgotten by today's More

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    The Peugeot 204. A stable French factor.

    In the spring of 1965, Peugeot surprised the world when it introduced the Peugeot 204. The compact middle class rounds off the range from Sochaux downwards. The 204, designed by Pininfarina, proved to be a success factor from the outset, which eventually sold well for eleven years. The progressiveness gives the More