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  • Peugeot 304
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    Peugeot 304. A golden handle

    In September 1969, the Peugeot 304 is presented to the general public in Paris. Peugeot uses the technical principles for the 304 (suspension, front-wheel drive, transversely mounted light-alloy engine with gearbox underneath) and the center section of the 204. The wheelbase is also the same as the 204 dimensions. The front is inspired More

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    The Peugeot 204. A stable French factor.

    In the spring of 1965, Peugeot surprised the world when it introduced the Peugeot 204. The compact middle class rounds off the range from Sochaux downwards. The 204, designed by Pininfarina, proved to be a success factor from the outset, which eventually sold well for eleven years. The progressiveness gives the More