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    Peugeot 504 Saloon in Europe

    In 1968 Peugeot showed the 504 to the world. It immediately became Car of the Year. The refreshing design was one of the decisive factors for the honorary title. The independent suspension and disc brakes all round also played an important role in the selection of this beautiful mid-sized car, which had a long European career. From 1968 to 1983 it was available on our continent as a Peugeot 504 Berline. Read more

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    These cars exist in 2019 40 year. Part One

    The new year is already on its way. It means that the anniversary flag is raised again for the necessary car models. As for the cars, which will officially reach the Dutch classic age of 2019 years in 40. We have made an overview, which we will present to you in several companies. And in that flashback Read more