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    Dodge pickup: Just fall in love

    The 1951 Dodge Ram Pickup from 1951 is a utility vehicle. A brave, endearing little donkey. And that all the way to the nature of the USA pickups that have been the largest part of the American fleet since time immemorial. Nowadays the pickups are no longer structurally Made in the US of A. And they are no longer sober and basic. But in 1951? Back then, the highly modern 'pilot cabin' of this Dodge was very impressive. With that you showed that you were not just off the tail. That you drove a Dodge. More

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    USA pick ups: Diligent workers

    That patina is beautiful and nice. But when you buy such a tough American pickup, the structural health counts more than the paintwork or the fresh chrome. Americans are masters is cosmetic work that hides the world from misery. For example, in American 'restorations' we regularly encountered centimeters thick filler layers surrounded by Chinese chrome. More

  • American pickups - Ford F100 pickup front

    American pickups

    North America is quite big. However, outside the big cities, which are really big there, there is still a lot of space where Americans are also busy with everything. To be able to do everything in all that space as a home owner or small self-employed person, you need a car. A pickup. According to […] More

  • 2CV pick up

    Verkeerd afgelopen?

    A lowered 2 CV pick up with double-wide rear tires.

    Is that allowed?

    Perhaps a mockery for purists. But the creator of this copy Citroenis in heart and soul.

    And he also has some original ones Citroëns in his collection. Let that be a consolation.

    But is he not endearingly tough this dark metallic blue working duck?

    Thanks to Duckhunt / Burton from Zutphen More

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