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Purchasing classics there

Citroën Qatar (1982). Inspiration in action. 

A Qatar what? When you hear the name, does it get acutely foggy in your head? You can bet that you have something very special as the owner of this one Citroën 'kitcar'. You don't have a car like that to yourself. Everyone who sees the car enjoys this funny and practical pickup. If you enter the name Sifft Katar into your buzzing machine, you will be extensively informed about the development of this Mèhari-type off-road vehicle. 

Dodge pickup: Just fall in love

The 1951 Dodge Ram Pickup from 1951 is a utility vehicle. A brave, endearing little donkey. And that all the way to the nature of the USA pickups that have been the largest part of the American fleet since time immemorial. Nowadays the pickups are no longer structurally Made in the US of A. And they are no longer sober and basic. But in 1951? Back then, the highly modern 'pilot cabin' of this Dodge was very impressive. With that you showed that you were not just off the tail. That you drove a Dodge.

USA pick ups: Diligent workers

That patina is nice and nice. But when purchasing such a sturdy American pickup, structural health counts more than the paint job or fresh chrome. Americans are masters of cosmetic work that hides the world of misery. For example, in American 'restorations' we have regularly encountered centimeter-thick filler layers surrounded by Chinese chrome.
American pickups - Ford F100 pickup front

American pickups

North America is quite big. However, outside the big cities, which are really big there, there is still a lot of space where Americans are also busy with all kinds of things. To be able to do all kinds of things in all that space, like…

Morris Minor Pickup

Exceptional Morris Minor Pickup A special piece of home craftsmanship: this Morris Minor Pickup from the 1954s, built in New Zealand. And actually much nicer than Morris' original…. The photo shows a XNUMX Morris Minor that is…

Exceptional Duck

An exceptional one Citroën We didn't want to deprive you of a 2CV Pickup like this. An example of British craftsmanship based on a 'Duck' from 1988. And yes, extended wheelbase and also registered as a Pickup. There is some tinkering going on there… Well…