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Purchasing classics there

WSK. Nice mopeds

Thrift stores are no longer what they used to be, since they have been Commercial Management. From what is in the shops, the currants have been taken from the porridge. But because some things only have value for some people, you can still score well.
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You can restore here

So, bottom line, it doesn't even have to be more expensive to have a restoration carried out here in the Netherlands. David Nieuwenhuis of DN Restorations from De Meern, for example, is one of the entrepreneurs who even returned to the Netherlands from Poland. Because the craftsmanship is still here. And because 'cheap' in practice all too often means 'expensive'. Whatever you decide: be well informed, make clear agreements and put them on paper.
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A property plus content

David Nieuwenhuis has 100% relationships with and in Poland. He found the craftsmanship there. But he didn't like the level of supervision that he had to maintain to keep those professionals sharp. Oh yeah; David was in the classic world in Poland and the Netherlands.
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A replica tank: Voudje!

Een niet meer te redden en niet meer te krijgen benzinetank na laten maken in Polen? Prima plan. Plenty vakmanschap daar! Maar wel met een 'maar'. Een overleden tank werd als

The most beautiful advertising photo ...

The idea is of course to put you on the track of Czech, Polish and other classic fairs. Nazi memorabilia. A kind of 20W50 sausages smoked on brown coal and asphalt. Beer... Vodka. Weapons. Beer... Zina_Collective_Farmer .. and a close second place Oh yes; There is usually also a wide range of girls who are not yet eligible. And you may find your car broken into, or simply never seen again.