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  • Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    Porsche 928. Unrecognized perfection

    But now that it seems to be the umpteenth cold investment, it suddenly becomes interesting. That is, in fact, an even grosser misjudgment. Its strength does not suddenly lie in an ill-considered amount of euros, dollars or other earthly mud: the Porsche 928 has always been brilliant as a car. Successor De über-Porsche was perfectly intended; a Read more

  • Porsche 944

    Porsche 944 – driving with a smile

    In 2012, the then nineteen-year-old Martijn Donker from Leek bought his first car. Built in Germany, equipped with a powerful engine, good for appealing performance and bears a respectable name. It is, exaggerated, obvious to link these principles to more spicy versions of the BMW 3-series, the VW Read more

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    IAME Justicialista

    He hadn't heard of it himself either. Our international auto detective and broker Jan Kurty. But when he got the search he got to work. And he found one. An IAME Justicialista, one of 167. Read more

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    Canada, networks and a Porsche

    Canada is like America, but more civilized. Canada is a kind of Europe, but a bit more adventurous. Canada is also much more focused on Europe than the States which are mainly focused on the United States of America. And - not unimportantly - in Canada there are many more European classics than in The States, apart from the VW Beetles and vans. Canada is even bigger and wider than Gelderland and the Achterhoek. Read more

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    Porsche 911. RECOVERY: 912

    The Porsche 912 is a 911 minus two cylinders. That's blunt, because the block is identical to that of the 356's. The four-cylinder was intended as an entry-level model for Porsche drivers without money for the 911 six-cylinder.  Read more

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    Citroën 2CV4 that inadvertently dominated a Porsche

    It was in the fall of 1979. From the Noordoostpolder we drove with the Citroën 2CV4 from my mother to Haarlem. The Citroën GSX stood for a repair in the workshop of the Emmeloorder Citroënagent Dijkstra. The appointment for the family visit could continue, since we had the luxury of two cars at home Read more

  • Tatras 1947

    Tatras. A murder wagon

    During WWII the Germans confiscated everything in the process. In addition, 'our bicycles' only came into play at a late stage. But in Czechoslovakia, the Germans found the Tatras with their air-cooled V8 blocks in the stern. Read more

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    Kit cars. Who has one?

    As a result of our message about the Rizovari, we received the maker's address through Martin Spoelstra. We will pursue that! But the message also put the kit cars phenomenon in the limelight once again. And because kit cars were often open, such a sun always comes in handy. Read more

  • Porsche 356 Speedster replica

    Porsche 356 Speedster replica. A project

    As a guest, we were allowed to record the enthusiasm for the classic car in an environment where a number of special cars were waiting for what is to come. For Olse Zoon's father, that was a Bugatti replica on a VW Beetle basis. An elevated one Citroën HY. And also a Renault 8 that has a second life Read more

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