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    Two strokes: Power from the exhaust

    Dream away from an exhaust system. How romantic can it get? Although: you are talking about a piece of traditional craftsmanship with a very serious batch of calculations behind it. About a sculpture in perfectly modeled, spotlessly welded thin-walled plate. About one of the most important parts of a two-stroke engine where the interplay of the exhaust elbow and the expansion chamber perform the actual function of the intake and exhaust valves in a four-stroke. More

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    More power through…. Panacea part 2

    More power through strange Miracle Cures. We recently showed the fan that could be mounted in the suction line. Garageist Kees van Rumpt from Dirksland had lovingly adopted the thing to put in his display case with pointless things. But there's more to marvel at: the Super Inertial Super-Charger System More

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    Ducati: Is 214 horsepower enough for a motorcycle?

    The Ducati Panigale V4 therefore produces 214 hp. To get and keep all that violence on the tarmac, there is a shipload of electronics on board to temper, massage and/or bring order to all functions and capabilities where necessary. As there are: BS Cornering Bosch EVO More

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    More Volvo pit

    Would you like to get some more spice out of the engine of your Volvo Cat back or Amazon with B18 / B20 engine? That starts with a beautiful exhaust manifold, a machined cylinder head with, among other things, larger valves, balanced crankshaft, 'faster' camshaft, a turned off More