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  • Oldtimer as a company car Rolls Royce de Vaal

    Oldtimer as a company car

    An old-timer as a company car. That is a matter of reconciling the useful with the pleasant. Entrepreneurs are therefore well prepared insofar as they do not think that their identity is derived from a recent expensive lease car or – even worse – a Tesla. Most old-timers as a car […] More

  • Import

    Import from a classic: do it or have it done?

    The Internet has made the world much smaller. If it turns out that your dream classic is (much) cheaper in another country than here? Then importing is a good option. Do not buy and import blindly on some pictures In countries such as the USA and Brazil, restoration standards are sometimes horribly different than here. Imports within the […] More

  • rubber

    'Soften' old rubber

    Handy tip from a reader. The best way to make hardened rubber from, for example, windows soft and usable again: put them in an (old) pillowcase, then in the washing machine, add an overdose of fabric softener and wash at 50 degrees. This makes the rubber not only clean, but also supple again! Do ask for permission […] More

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    Torn rims (Wheels)

    Mounting wheels with a torque wrench Particularly in the Austin-Healey world, the stories were that the standard Sprite-mounted rims would tear under somewhat sporty use. Even break. These standard mounted wheels would be too 'weak'… Nothing could be further from the truth. The bolts cq. nuts of a wheel must also be […] More

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    Tips for refueling

    You can spray or repaint repairs of minor damage or welding yourself. That's why here are some tips for spraying. With a spray can. These are for sale in the standard color of your car, motorcycle, scooter or moped or can be 'additional'. Such spray paint must be at the right temperature to obtain an optimal result. […] More

  • Spray can
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    Spray can

    A nice job, a quiet preparation. A satisfied person. With another 1 glance over the freshly placed part in the spray can, the amateur sprayer turned off the garage light and closed the barn door. The next morning he saw this More

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