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    Powder coating and blasting

    We were at a very friendly engineering enthusiast's for a job and saw a track motorcycle with a striking silver frame color. The paint had a hard, smooth and deep shine. Our host Bart Verstijnen turned out to be the man behind Custom Coatings Helvoirt and turned out to be just as passionate about his work […] More

  • Tinkering for beginners

    Tinkering for beginners

    But it is wise to tinker in a clean, well-lit environment Chaos never shows craftsmanship. Highest of genius. With some tools, rest, your good mind and the Internet you can go a long way. On YouTube there are a lot of videos about doing targeted Tinkering for beginners on countless types […] More

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    Image and maintenance

    Got some stuff in Arnhem. I come over. There are two tattooed beards that together are as old as I am alone with my - yet classic - work donkey. They take pictures and are very excited. Because I am not dressed as a motorcyclist or biker, I can go to them unnoticed […] More

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    Rotate tires?

    If you have a real classic, a car of at least 40 years old and the accompanying instruction booklet, you are (almost) guaranteed to come across an article in which it is advised to rotate the tires after a considerable number of kilometers in accordance with a special pattern. Front-wheel drive That of course depends on the remaining […] More

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    Remove rust from gas tank

    Suppose you have bought a classic car that has stood still for more than a few days. That does not necessarily have to be a restoration object... After the whole has been made roadworthy again, you can take it on the road. To be on the safe side, you have installed a new fuel filter, among other things. After several hundred kilometers of driving pleasure, […] More

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    Think about greasing

    As a classic owner, you naturally take good care of your cherished car. Lubrication is necessary. If you look into it, you will be surprised how many lubrication points such a vehicle has… Especially in the steering, the wheel suspension, the powertrain. A proper grease gun is a requirement, in some cases even an oil gun, not to […] More

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    Until the end of the last century, a car or motorcycle had to be 'run in'. This meant that the owner of the new vehicle had to handle it with care. Do not demand top performance from the machine, no high speeds, but above all not too low. The mechanical parts had to catch up with each other. […] More

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    Be kind to the link

    Clutch: You do 'start' the engine - with a classic - contrary to what many experts (...) want to claim, never with a clutch engaged. In addition to excessive and unnecessary loading of the thrust bearing and thrust group, you 'press' the crankshaft against the axial bearings that have not (yet) lubricated. Check if there is still enough More

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    Change the shock absorber

    You can also replace shock absorbers yourself and save a lot of money. Consult the workshop manual, ensure that you have suitable - and safe - suitable tools, such as an approved garage jack, axle supports and a block around the front and rear wheels More

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    Slow windscreen wipers

    Is it going to rain and your windshield wipers are going back and forth tragically slow? This can have various causes. Your classic usually has an average age of 30 years or more. Have the correct wiper arms been installed? You never know, maybe the previous owner changed them? More

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