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    Hans's lender

    Recently we wondered what we, from classic circles, thought that the technically excellent, generously patina-provided 2CV borrowed from Hans should yield. After the sale, Hans is not without ducks yet. And he has his eye on a fresh project yet again. But he still doubts. Because then he has one duck too many. More

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    2 resumes and stuff. What the crazy…

    … gives for it. Everything is relative. And in our playground all prices are asking prices. In addition: as an enterprising provider once said: “to ask for little money is cowardly”. But the trend is that the current asking prices, and more than some final prices, are quite serious amounts. More

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    Dreams and dropshippers

    You dream in bed. However? Because where else would you find a great 2CV Sahara for € 7.500? Well: on the internet. And somewhere there is bound to be a loser who has already transferred that amount with the promise of the mega-duck seller that the car would be delivered to his home prepaid. NOT! The last Sahara we saw was put on the market with “Bid from € 120.000”. That's just such a strange amount, but it comes closer to the madness that is currently called 'De Markt'. More

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    The BX is back! (And K1s also become expensive)

    The BX is back! (And K1s also get expensive) The BX is back! The Citroën BX was once an absolute top seller and the lease segment is also the frontrunner. If you saw a white BX 1400, you saw a representative. If you saw a silver gray, you were looking at a 1600 (or 1900D) of a More

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    Time passes quickly. Classic prizes

    Time passes quickly. Just like motorcycles used to do. Because then we drove unlimited and always full throttle. The classic prices are also going fast. And unfortunately for us not down any time soon. Now that price thing is of course partly the delusion of the day. And what if we compare classic prices with current new prices? More

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    Invest as a game of chance

    Matured as a game of chance? Classic motorcycles as an investment? Well no dude! Just do some shares of Fyra or something. Of course there are a number of motorcycles with a hefty price tag. Engines that may become even more expensive. Or not. But even that is often the issue of the day. So cherish the dream value and do not sell.

    Classic motorcycles are fun because they are fun. Not because they will ever be worth a lot. More