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  • Craft or protop type?

    Craft or prototype?

    Craft or prototype? That was the question in the Voskuil household. And then it was about a 'barn find', a barn find. About a motorcycle that had been dreaming for decades in a shed of an abandoned Dutch farm. Close to the house and company of Teun Voskuil himself. So in the Netherlands, not More

  • VW bus, 4WD

    Gustav Mayer, the boss of VW's company vehicle store, was a travel enthusiast. And when traveling in his own VW bus, he missed some ground clearance and a drive. Gustav went to talk to colleague Henning Duckstein and in 1975 they made the first 4WD VW bus. They did that with a two-liter engine and the things they had in hand. Plus their craftsmanship and enthusiasm. More