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    The market forces and the enthusiasts

    Here on this side of the screen, we like almost everything, but we have our stable preferences in terms of brands and types. We see it just like with relationships: You can float from one to the other, but if you stay with someone you get to know that person and if it goes well, you will appreciate it more and more. More

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    Opel Omega: An honest and delicious world car

    Classics? That's about memories. The contractor from the Zoutelande area long before that song was made about that village. It was in the time that Zeeland Flemish contractors or larger Opels or Mercedes drove 200 diesels. Those were cars that were taken seriously enough in Zeeland without being seen as gaudy type. More

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    Das war einmal: German Cars

    German cars were the benchmark for many years, but in all areas they matter in a different way than they used to. It has not only to do with the meanwhile sjoemel practices. The noise about the declining technical quality of various German brands is also increasing. And now there is too More

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    180 or 120 Degrees? The Laverda triples

    A Laverda 1000 three-cylinder is not yet coming to the 100 hp, but is - at least according to the owner of the copy that we photographed for AMK 12 - too fast for the Netherlands.

    Within Laverda circles there is a mild battle between the owners of machines with the lever taps at 180 and those with lever taps at 120 degrees.

    Yet this beautiful Beul from Breganze stands for a magnificent piece of motor history in which the people of Laverda bought a lot of things abroad because the Italian suppliers did not think the quality was good enough and because no agreements could be made with it ... More

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    The Austin Allegro: that will be a winner!

    The Austin allegro was terrible at the time. The survivors receive some appreciation. Because the Austin Ellendro (German) was at the very least compromising in its time. The successful successor of the successful Morris 1100-1300 was by the men of British Leyland More

  • De Tomaso

    You can restore here

    So it doesn't even have to be more expensive to have a restoration carried out here in the Netherlands.

    David Nieuwenhuis of DN Restorations from De Meern, for example, is one of the entrepreneurs who even returned to the Netherlands from Poland. Because the craftsmanship is still here. And because 'cheap' is all too often 'expensive' in practice.

    Whatever you decide: be well informed, make clear agreements and put them on paper. More

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    Garage doors

    Teckentrups “CarTeck doors are adaptable to the look of your home - classic, modern or rustic. They also make life a little bit more pleasant: an electric drive with remote control is standard today, ”says Jörg Meyer-Holtkamp, ​​door expert at Teckentrup More

  • FOLDBSA_1968_Brochure_USA_01

    A nice BSA folder ...

    “Very true to nature. Those people at that BSA. They have bad luck and are waiting for help ”.

    But with BSAs and other beautiful things, it was and still is the same: the people with the least experience of it knew the most horrible details. More

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