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  • Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    The BX-XL with a substantial power and nose. Unfortunately, he never really came out of the paint, and certainly not from the showroom, this one Citroën BX 4TC. This rally version of the normal BX was also equipped with the formidable hydropneumatic suspension system. A brilliant idea, it seemed, but where the system Read more

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    Fiat 128 rally. Popular variation on a popular theme.

    With great interest from the international car press, the successor to the Fiat 1969 R was unveiled in 1100: The Fiat 128. The Italian was the first model of the Torinese brand to be fitted with front-wheel drive. The transversely placed engine in the front, the excellent driving characteristics and the balanced concept were well received. The Fiat 128 was also praised for its 'value for money'. He was shown to the world in March 1971. He indirectly succeeded the 850 Sportcoupé, together with the later X1 / 9 and 128 Sportcoupé. Read more

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    Toyota rally history. The Forgotten WRC Victories (Boyce-Woods, 1973)

    Spends these months Auto Motor Klassiek attention to the rally history of Toyota. In a diptych we describe the roots, origins and backgrounds of the contemporary competition success of the largest manufacturer in the world. A success story that started in Belgium. Its history is bursting with background stories. That's why we also share an online Read more

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    Renault R4 and the 4TL Trophy

    We have seen it with the 2CVs: the prices are through the roof (and damaged the solar panels). We currently know a ZGAN 2CV with a price tag of € 24,500. And the selling party happily declares that there is very little room for negotiation in that asking price. Such amounts for such cars are madness. However, the Renault R4 is the 'better' Duck. A real driving car. And that is how it is often used. So what would happen to that? Read more

  • Rolls Royce Chinese Eye

    Rolls-Royce Chinese Eye, rally with a Rolls-Royce

    A very dynamic Rolls-Royce The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud was the main model for the manufacturer from 1955 to 1966. Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds were not prepared for rally driving. This Rolls-Royce Chinese Eye is. There is a tripmaster and fire extinguisher in the stylish interior and the engine has been rebuilt using forged Read more

  • R4

    The Renault R4 and the HAN

    The 4L Trophy is a tradition that is world famous in France. A procession of Renault 4s, loaded with gym and hospital equipment that is no longer current in France, drives to Marrakech. Right through the Moroccan desert. The participants are students between the ages of 18-28. The idea was conceived in 1997 at a campfire. Wimp Read more

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    KNAC brings Rally Paris-Amsterdam back after 120 years

    In 1898, the Paris-Amsterdam-Paris Rally was the first cross-border rally in Europe. The KNAC will celebrate its 2018th anniversary in 120 and will bring the rally back. It is a three-day rally from Paris to Amsterdam, where possible via the original route, with stops in beautiful castles. On July 1, 1898, Paris fell Read more

  • Rotary, rotarians

    The Rotary clubs in the Netherlands, the RRAF Rally Championship

    A Rotary Club is a service club. Service clubs are private organizations in which people, on the basis of friendship without political, religious or professional ties, undertake a variety of initiatives on a voluntary basis for the benefit of society, often in the form of joint efforts and/or fundraising. The Rotary clubs in the Netherlands are part of the worldwide Read more

  • A kind of Distinguished Gentlemen Ride ..

    A kind of Distinguished Gentlemen Ride ..

    But then for classic cars. The GDR has quickly become a fun phenomenon that raises money for research into prostate cancer, the highly irritating condition that can affect us 'boys of a certain age'. The DGR is worldwide and for motorcyclists. The blue Ribbon Rally is the equivalent to the DGR. on Read more

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    Joginder Singh

    Successful rally driver S. Joginder Singh Bhachu, known as the Flying Sikh, was a leader in long-distance rallies in the 1965s and 544s. He won the East African Safari Rally no fewer than three times, with his XNUMX victory in a second-hand Volvo PVXNUMX 'Kattenrug' being the favorite of almost every car enthusiast. Read more

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