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  • Renault Fuego. It remained with smoldering

    Renault Fuego. It remained with smoldering

    That was wrong. The design of the Renault Fuego was attractive and balanced, the technology both tried and tested and progressive. But those eternal prejudices ... Cliché Those eternal prejudices: Americans are fat and fake. All. Germans have an evolutionary dislike for any joke, but are statistically not that striking again More

  • Renault Fuego

    The Renault Fuego (and R20 and R30) are under valued

    Renault did a good job with the Fuego line. There were Renault Fuegos in the flavors TL (1397 cc), GTL (1647 cc), GTS (idem) and GTX (1995 cc). The four-seater. Two-door coupe was presented in 1980 at the Salon de Genève. Together with the R18 The preliminary work of the Renault Fuegos began in 1976 More