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  • Laverda 750 SFC

    Laverda 750 SFC. The fake press are fun too

    You come across them on a regular basis. And Italo technician Oebeles Herder also found another one. As it should be: in a shed and covered in dust. Sometimes we get the idea that Groningen is still full of them. So a Laverda SFC. But then a replica, look-a-like or fake. That kind More

  • MEV Replicar

    MEV Replicar

    The Mazda MX-5 has been a bull's eye since its introduction in 1989. In April of 2016, the one millionth copy rolled off the line. The quirky sports car has now reached the status of a classic, consists of tin and that can rust. Because so many have been built, the prices are More

  • Rooms

    The American exotics: a Zimmer Quicksilver

    The Zimmer Motorcars Corporation was founded in 1978 to make 'neo classic' cars. This proves that nostalgia is of all times. Rumor has it that the design for the first Zimmer was drawn on a napkin over dinner. These kinds of designs could and can only come from American minds. More

  • recreations
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    What do we think about 'recreations'?

    Kit cars are fun. Replicas are terrible sometimes. Reproductions are impressive. But recreations? These are hand-built (almost) 100% recreations of classic cars from what is usually the top segment. They offer the charm and character of the originals combined with the reliability of 'a new' or a 'genuine'. The Porsche Speedsters and Spyders More

  • Reply

    Replica: Tribute or "VOUD!"

    Replica: Tribute or 'VOUD!'? Replicas are not original classics. Replicas are often not even true classics in years. But what they all share: They resemble a historical example. Or at least they try to do that. They can be fantastically beautiful and fun cars or vehicles straight out of a Disney movie More

  • Hans Theunissen Cobra

    Verkeerd afgelopen: a Cobra in Eerbeek

    The AC Cobras are among the most iconic cars in history The demand for these legendary sports cars has been so great from the start that entire tribes in England and America turned to copying Cobras. But let's start at the beginning: In 1953 the British AC More

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    Ferrari 458 Italia replica

    Beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia replica Would you like to be seen as 'full', would like to reinforce the image of the 'ideal son-in-law', then the following might be an appropriate tip. The next 'object' certainly deserves a big compliment. In the UK version of Auto Trader, we traced a Ferrari 458 Italia look-a-like that directly More

  • 250 swb blue

    Old and New

    A classic replica based on a BMW Z3. Is that possible? The people at bmwpoweredkitcars prove that the result is good fun and watch in any case More

  • excalibur
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    With the 'N' of 'fake'

    There is a wide range of replicas of classic cars. So now we're going for the 'N' for 'counterfeit'. For the replicas. Also nice. But otherwise. And a lot more uncertain in terms of sales value. More

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