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  • Technical solutions

    Technical solutions and finds

    Technical solutions and discoveries If it can't be done the way it should… Then it has to be done the way it can. Because the correct solution cannot be realized, sometimes you have to improvise. In our luxurious setting, that is often like cursing in church. After all, there are passionate enthusiasts who already get a heart attack More

  • Cheers!


    Cheers! Have a nice, long summer! We dare to believe in it again. Drinking enough, that's what we have to keep doing. And here in the region there are quite a few people who have pleasant mnemonics for this. Improper use of stuff can be fun, but also just convenient. Certainly More

  • remove dent, Ahitte, cold

    We didn't try it ...

    Removing a small dent with a paint duster and a CO2 extinguisher.

    Warm up the dent and surroundings with the paint dryer. Note: the paint should not get too hot! More