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    The Rover SD1, the last (sle) Real Rover

    So the Rover SD1. Designed and made by Rover. Completely in-house. At the end of the British car empire. Within the Austin Rover Group, part of the once infamous British Leyland, a successor was needed to the Rover P6 and the Triumph 2000/2500. The SD (Special Division) 1 was whole More

  • Things worth knowing
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    Things worth knowing

    Things worth knowing about old-timers that you probably didn't know: In a road test that once appeared about the MG MGC, an author probably wasn't having his day and the powerhouse slammed to the bone. After that, every next 'road tester' didn't like it at all. Such a thing would not brake and only excessive More

  • Rover SD1

    The Rover SD1, a beautiful miss

    The Rover SD1. That was a car that shook the world. It even became Car of the Year in 1977. However, that title has been a curse rather than a blessing for many cars… A car that drove its buyers to despair. The 3500 cc V8s were made at the time when More

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    Rover SD1: 40

    In the spring of 1976, the (automotive) world was turned upside down. The introduction of the Rover SD1. Originally a bicycle manufacturer, which at that time still operated under the name of the owner Starley, it came on the market in 1903 with the first motorcycle, a year later with a car, had the world in 1963 More

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    Rover SD1 Bonanza!

    The Rover of the SD1 type is enjoying increasing interest in enthusiast circles. In addition to a beautiful and timeless design, such an SD1 is also a fast and luxurious travel car. Big steps More