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    Royal Enfield barn find

    Royal Enfield is currently making a perfect restart. With the new 650 cc twins made in India, the brand pays a beautiful tribute to its own past. They are brand new motorcycles that are so in Auto Motor Klassiek would fit. But we're going to talk about the past. The future comes later. 'Made like a More

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    Royal Enfield, an old racer

    'Made like a gun'. For Royal Enfield, the cry made sense. The company was a manufacturer of precision parts for weapons. It was founded in 1896 and took the first steps in the motorized two-wheeler field in 1901. Royal Enfield pioneered the use of chains for the secondary transmission. The use of kick starters, More

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    Retro rules. And the Interceptor is back too.

    Retro rules. Why? Because the young people only live when they are 'connected'? Because for a while the styling and technology behind modern motorcycles looked a lot like "Look what we can / dare". And so technically advanced Transformer-like monstrosities with up to 200+ horsepower and twenty electronic control systems were born More

  • The Royal Enfield Musket. Aniket Vardhan's dream

    The Royal Enfield Musket. Aniket Vardhan's dream

    The Royal Enfield Musket is a hybrid. So, that's been said. The English motorcycle history did not know so many V twins, and with the Musket one has been added. Of course 'Musket' fits very well with 'Bullet' as a name. So Aniket Vardhan took a smart look at that. Aniket Vardhan comes from India, where it still More

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    Royal Enfield Bullet

    Once a bullet owner, always a bullet owner With the new Royal Enfield Bullet, the renowned arms and motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield from Reddich in Worcestershire threw the bat in the British motor makers henhouse. That was in 1948. So shortly after the war, the traditional family business, belonging to the smaller motorcycle manufacturers, came to More

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    Curry for Madras

    No matter how nostalgic and unhurried we are, motorcycling should have something dynamic for most of us. Royal Enfield has already given the first step with the beautiful Continental GT, and now ACE has the Fireball tuning set for the former English stampers. The set consists of a machined cylinder head with a lot of More

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    A stylish tribute.

    In a motorcycling world that has gotten out of hand, where the race for power of 200 hp is not scared, Royal Enfield presents us with a purebred café racer. A beaming tribute to the 60s. More

  • Royal Enfield Retro

    Retro is good

    True retro bicycles are of course not conceived as retro. They are just living fossils. Manufacturers have generally made the transition to the present with limited resources. And with the right slant, they give the best of both worlds: the old skool looks plus an acceptable degree of daily employability. More