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  • Dinitrol anti-rust treatment

    Dinitrol anti-rust treatment. Rust does not rest

    Years ago, a technician from my then classic association advised me to have my newly purchased, as a new-looking classic, tectylated. I then followed that advice and I never regretted it. So the idea was to do the same in my follow-up classic. I ended up at a company that gave my Volvo 240 a Dinitrol anti-rust treatment. More

  • Rust

    The inverted world: rust on request

    The upside down world: Rust on demand. That's what it most resembles. Imagine once a classic restored to showroom shine was the most beautiful thing you could imagine. Today there is still no one who spit on a perfect Daimler Sovereigns or Ferrari GTO, but there has been a whole […] More

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    Datsun 240Z

    Bit of rust on a Datsun 240z If you are planning to purchase a Datsun 240Z, the attached photo might ring all the bells? A Datsun 240Z can also rust terribly, as witnessed by this picture. Proper and professional restoration is then an impossible task. Sheet metal is not up to […] More

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    Remove rust from gas tank

    Suppose you have bought a classic car that has stood still for more than a few days. That does not necessarily have to be a restoration object... After the whole has been made roadworthy again, you can take it on the road. To be on the safe side, you have installed a new fuel filter, among other things. After several hundred kilometers of driving pleasure, […] More

  • Simca, Sikkens, rust

    Sikkens? Great varnishes!

    The Simca 1100s could bravely rust. This French copy proves that Sikkens was also sold in that country. And that not all 1100s have fallen victim to rust.

    He must not have been sprayed with Sikkens paint? More

  • Rust in the tank
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    Rust in the tank

    When the classic you cherish enters the garage, it is now urgently recommended to empty the fuel tank or completely, disconnect the supply hose to the fuel pump and then blow it through at high pressure or up to the cap More

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