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  • SAAB 96 (1963)

    SAAB 96 (1963): Friendship for life

    It was certainly not a sad sight for Sjoerd Helbig when his Saab 96 saw sunlight for the first time after more than 35 years. The introduction to his first Saab goes back to his childhood when sparks flew and he became addicted to Saab. He drove some of his favorite Read more

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    Saab 96, Aunt Cornely's car

    'Saab' of course stands for: 'Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget'. Not a bad name for a Swedish company that makes airplanes. After peace had broken out, the Swedes thought that there should also be money in the automobile corner. Their approach was to make it from their aeronautical background. In Scandinavia, the automotive industry cherished very Read more

  • Saab 95 pickup

    Saab pickups

    Before Victor Muller took over Saab… Well, yes. Sometimes everything used to be better. Saab built fantastic, stubborn cars. Solid, progressive and always successful under the most severe rally conditions. Oh yes: Saab also built pickups. In fact, they were a kind of student projects. And it was just a few, but still… That Saab pickup story Read more