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  • Mercedes model

    From big to small

    There is always talk of careers on the rise. Think 'bigger and more'. At Wouter Reukers, we had known him for ages from the classic car trade, things went differently. somewhere in the process of dealing with real classic cars he got infected with the model car virus. And as an example of how More

  • Ottomobile SM

    An SM from Otto mobile

    There are model makers who go for quality. The French Otto mobile proudly presents itself with 'only in scale 1 on 18 *

    * Well; almost.

    The models are made in small series More

  • model building, aircraft, cars, boats, motorbikes

    To Adams World

    Adams World is located in Laren (Gld). You will find all kinds of models, memorabilia, gadgets and other fun in the field of cars, motorcycles, aviation and more.

    A model exchange fair will be held there on 11 May. More

  • 1 on 43 scale models

    Matrix models

    Of course Matrix also has an 1: 43 model of an E-type. But the center of gravity of the co9 collection is in the corner of less common models such as:

    * A Ghia 230 S Coupe
    * The Ford Mustang Internecchanica Wagon
    * A Mercedes Benz W186 300C Binz Combi
    *The Citroen Nilsson Limousine More