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  • sidecar driving

    Sidecar driving. The difference

    Auto Motor Klassiekreader, fellow villager and good friend Hans Beltman asked: “When are you going to write something about sidecar driving. How that compares to normal motorcycling.” Hans has been dreaming about tricycles lately… So here it is: for Hans. But everyone can enjoy it! Hans has an advantage He is a classic driver with a More

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    Tours in Arnhem and Chisinau and other places

    Mihai Cecan from Chisinau, Moldova is one of the few well-educated young men who have not left the country to find a better future elsewhere. Moldova and most other ex-Soviet Republics are sub-optimal for building a future. Even as close as in the civilized Czech Republic, someone can do well if he takes € 800 a month. The citizens are friendly and hospitable. On the left and especially on the right there is a tendency for nationalism as we do not know it. More

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    Sidecar riding is for all seasons

    Sidecar combinations are the best combination of the disadvantages of cars and motorcycles. You cannot pass between traffic jams and you still get wet. But where just about everyone gets into a car carefree, there is a widely held caution with regard to tricycles. More

  • sidecar

    A sidecar as a dating service

    Motorcyclists are often seen as threatening. People on classic motorcycles are less likely to be found wrong, although dike houses inhabiting ex-Randstad residents of a left-wing nature but with enough money find it irresponsible in terms of the environment. But a classic sidecar combination? It is widely accepted by society as endearing. As the owner of such a tricycle you become More

  • classic holiday

    Something completely new: a classic holiday in Moldova

    In the period from 7-11 June, 12 young Moldavians take a classic holiday on old motorcycles to all 4 corners of Moldova: the northernmost (Naslavcea), the southernmost (Giurgiulesti), the easternmost (Palanca) and the westernmost (Criva). points. A tribute to the past “This classic holiday will first and foremost be a test drive More

  • Sidecar

    Sidecar ride, just not even craze

    If the number of sidecar drivers in your area increases by 200%, so that two sidecar drivers are added… Then it is not an immediate indication that sidecar riding is becoming very popular. But still… So there will be more sidecar drivers That used to happen. Back then, motorcycles were vehicles for people without money for a More

  • Streuer and Schnieders

    Other Times Sport dominated by side pair Streuer and Schnieders

    On Sunday 25 June, Other Times Sport will be dominated by heavy motorcycles. The program will be broadcast during the TT weekend. The legendary sidecar duo from Assen, which was successful in the eighties, is central: Egbert Streuer and Bernard Schnieders. They not only belonged to the list of national motorsport icons such as More

  • Sidecar

    Sidecar combinations are useful things

    Transporting a tree in your lease box? He won't. But transporting such an exuberant piece of nature in your tricycle, in a sidecar? The seat out of the box, the lump on the ground and just drive slowly. A sidecar combination is a handy thing The tree had to go to a service or leaning home More

  • Classic tires

    Classic tires from Heidenau

    Classic tires. In 1946, in Heidenau, Heidenauer Gummiwerke started the production of soles and rain capes. From there it was of course only a small step to start making tires. In 1953 that was already 60.000 car and 40.000 motorcycle tires. In 1968 in the glorious GDR all tire manufacturers were swept together and More

  • Motorcycles with a removable side car If the side car of your motorcycle is removable, you can indicate this on the web form. Motorcycles with a detachable sidecar should also have the vehicle category L4e (with sidecar), but then receive a mention in the vehicle registration register that use without a sidecar is permitted. The mention of a sidecar will not appear on the registration certificate. You can, however, consult your vehicle data after the mention. If you enter the registration number, you will see the vehicle category after the letter 'J'. The details are under the 'details' tab. If you do not register the vehicle category of the vehicle correctly, this can have consequences during roadside checks by the police (also abroad).

    Legally driving a classic sidecar

    Driving a classic sidecar legally: This is now structurally possible if the whole is entered on the license plate. It will again have something to do with Europe* and is about the possible presence of a detachable sidecar. Register on the license plate In the days when our classics were born, sidecars were by definition More

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    Tricycles, sidecar driving: not only for toddlers

    Tricycles, sidecar riding: not just for toddlers. Falling leaves, rain, wetness. Bah… Autumn is not good for motorcyclists. But riding a motorcycle with an extra wheel makes the motorcycle season endless. Sidecar driving combines the disadvantages of driving a car with those of motorcycling. It is also a very fun branch of sport. Purchasing More

  • snow fun snow chains

    When we still had winters ...

    If it snowed, really snowed, we called each other. And so there were three sidecars on the Posbank again. The Posbank of which we will tell in 5 years that there was one and a half, two meters of snow. The BMW GS with Heelerspan stood arrogantly with scruffy raised fenders above the studded tires next to the Ural and More

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