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  • ŠKODA 105 L.

    ŠKODA 105 L (1980). The fascination for unpretentious Quiryn classics 

    Quiryn Spannenburg teaches mathematics, gives mathematics lessons and also supervises projects for students. In addition to his work as a teacher, he also has his own company in work construction applications and… restoration of old vehicles. The latter is where our interest begins. His restorations are of a high standard and as a result he has a good reputation in classic country.  More

  • Škoda 1000MBX

    Škoda 1000 MBX, cult car from Škoda

    The Škoda 1000 MBX De Luxe made its debut in March 1966 at the Geneva International Motor Show. The spacious five-seater car with the rear engine and rear-wheel drive went into production in October of the same year. It became an exotic for Eastern European standards at the time. More

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    Škoda. From prejudices to millions of production

    On March 28, 2021 it was thirty years ago that Škoda and Volkswagen were riveted together. However, the first contacts between Škoda and Volkswagen already started in the late XNUMXs. From that moment on, the Czechoslovaks and the Germans developed a good relationship, and that was good for More

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    A Škoda with muscles

    Sometimes you have to look twice before you see something. A Jeep from WWII, which was recently restored to perfection, was at the Silfhout auto parts trade. This time there was a XNUMXs Škoda. However? Time for a second look. The Škoda Coach looked a bit steroid. And exuberant, with a dash of Patricia Paaij and Patty Brard and a touch of Liberace on speed. Or as Rambo in drag. Party! Or "FOEI!" More

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    Get classics in Russia

    In the pleasant conversation with Steven Bosdijk about Yugos and Zastavas (and Urals and Dneprs) the difference between 'Moscow' and 'the rest of the world' came up. Steven knows what he's talking about. Moscow is a steaming metropolis where the newest, the largest and the fastest cars play their rodeo game. More

  • Tatras 1947

    Tatras. A murder wagon

    During WWII the Germans confiscated everything in the process. In addition, 'our bicycles' only came into play at a late stage. But in Czechoslovakia, the Germans found the Tatras with their air-cooled V8 blocks in the stern. More

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    IVA men M / F can be found everywhere

    We know someone who has completed the IVA training. At one point he had a whole bunch of garages. Then he went into serious real estate. He was even close to the Quote 500. His neo-liberal approach to real estate resulted in him getting stuck. That man More

  • Skoda Felicia

    ŠKODA Felicia, undisputed showpiece

    The ŠKODA Felicia was a convertible based on the Octavia and was designed by Carrozzeria Ghia in Turin. A spontaneous encounter along the way resulted in this beautiful photo, in which you can see the insight into the design of the late fifties. By: Dirk de Jong A lacquer skin as fresh as a peach More

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    What about the classic love of Skoda?

    In the National Classics Survey 2017 we look at the state of the classic love of manufacturers and importers. Today: Skoda. You can only be successful as a brand if you know where you come from and are proud of what you do. That realization seems to be increasingly alive at Skoda. recently More

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    ŠKODA celebrates multiple anniversaries in 2017

    ŠKODA is celebrating a number of important anniversaries this year. The ŠKODA 450 and 1100 OHC made their debut sixty years ago, the ŠKODA Favorit celebrates its thirtieth anniversary and the ŠKODA 130 RS coupé achieved a double class victory in the Monte Carlo Rally forty years ago. ŠKODA 130 RS in the Monte Carlo Rally: double More

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    AMK Classic research: participate!

    Can you go to the dealer with your classic or youngtimer or do you have to go to a brand specialist? Does an importer do something for you if you have a classic? Let us know in the big AMK Classic Survey! You may have already noticed on our Facebook page that we have started this research. Since More

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