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  • Spare spark plugs

    Spark plugs: top technology for small change

    Petrol engines are – in contrast to diesel engines – dependent on 'sparks from outside'. Those sparks must come from the spark plugs. Otherwise the petrol-air mixture will not ignite. Spark plugs deliver top performance in that context. If the engine is running at high revs, they can also run up to 60 times per second in classics More

  • spark plugs

    Viewed under the hood: the spark plugs

    When purchasing a classic, the spark plugs are never really looked at. If the engine starts well, then it's good. The spark plugs are important After research, the manufacturer has determined which type of spark plug with which degree of heat best suits its engine, under normal load. In the past, the designation was more specific. More

  • ac-flying-spark plug

    LPG spark plugs?

    LPG spark plugs would lead to more efficient consumption, better thermal management and easier disassembly plus a longer tool life. Is that fiction or truth? And why are those things so expensive? More

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    Spark Plugging The Classics

    Try buying new spark plugs for your classic car… A drama, especially when you no longer have an instruction manual or workshop manual. The British writer Stan Dibson has delved deeper into the matter and has published a very nice booklet 'Spark Plugging The Classics' through Panther Publishing. More