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  • Austin-Healey Peerless

    Austin-Healey Peerless

    It is not entirely clear what kind of car we are dealing with here. One party calls it an Austin-Healey Peerless while the other calls it a Peerless Austin-Healey Special. The fact is that the car was built on the chassis of an Austin-Healey 3000 from January 9, 1959. On the British More

  • Mini

    South African Mini

    Now that we have arrived in the era of 'barn finds', interesting classics are still emerging every time. This time something very special. We can already hear the Mini connoisseurs shouting 'Eigenbouw' in unison. Not so. It is a South African Mini dating from the period when the big bosses-of-the-time smelled an opportunity More

  • Singer hunter

    Singer Hunter 75

    As a classic enthusiast and connoisseur you have the idea that you know a lot about the hobby. You are familiar with the British brand Singer, swallowed up in the Rootes Group consortium at a later stage. However, have you ever seen a 75 Singer Hunter 1955? By chance we saw such a More

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    Nemo Musketeer

    Nemo Musketier, Dutch manufacture After the German occupier was chased away by the Allies and our entire country was in ruins, reconstruction had to start. De 'Ollander rolled up his sleeves and got to work. This also applies to Messrs NJKollewijn and ML van Amerongen who, for this purpose, More

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    Exceptional Sprite

    There is nothing new under the sun. For example, 'pimping' a car. Immediately after the appearance of the Austin-Healey Sprite in 1958, many tuners saw the benefit of the cart. Small, manoeuvrable and light, it had to be made into a so-called pocket rocket. Well-known are the modifications of John Sprintzel, who called 'Sebring' More

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    Hope makes life?

    The so-called personalized plates in Great Britain are a solution for many on that island. You can express anything with it. This is also the case with this Ford Mondeo More