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    Right out of the box: Harley-Davidson XLHC Sportster

    The introduction of the Harley-Davidson Sportster to the US market in 1957 was the master plan to counteract the increasingly successful British motorcycles sold in the US. The Sportster was a fast Harley-Davidson OHV with a sprung rear wheel and a lot of power. The 883 cc V-twin mainly had to compete against the Triumph Thunderbird. More

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    Harley-Davidson Sportster: The End

    Someone who thought he knew everything about everything had of course also drawn up an iron definition of “What Now Actually Is Classic”. I've lost the list for a while, but one of the properties of a True Classic was that it was no longer made. So a 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster was not a classic, as Sportsters were still being built at the time of the ruling. More

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    Harley-Davidson Sportster. Originality is a thing ...

    The Harley-Davidson Sportster was conceived in the XNUMXs as an answer to the fast English twins. Then they mutated into 'little' Harleys. They became lower and more user-friendly and with that they lost their last bit of Harley Stoerheid for Het Publiek. In Echt Stoere Harley circles fiercely tattoo bikers and accountants talked to weekend beards about Sportsters as 'Wijvenficycles'. In the meantime, it has been proven with our photo model that the Sportsters can be structurally restored to combat strength. More

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    New classics: The 0 kilometer division

    Recently, fellow villager Theo Terwel found a crated BMW R80 G/S. In Leende is a Harley Sportster with the same number of kilometers at Joppen motorbikes among the recent occasions. Rob Remmerswaal from Wezup has an XS650 that has never had a wet tank and we know a man who has twenty+ motorcycles in their cardboard or More

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    A non-original Harley and other bicycles

    With a Harley you can do all kinds of things. And the supply market is happy to assist you. In this way, every Harley becomes a kind of convection unique. The Sportster: Not factory original, but highly original. But the Harley in the photos (it is registered as 883 cc, but measures the More

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    Also classic: the Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportsters

    After seven years of development work, Harley-Davidson came in 1984 with the successors to the Shovelhead blocks, the Evolution V twins. Those machines provided the umpteenth rescue of the brand. Because the Shovelheads had meanwhile become extremely dated and too American for the global market. By European standards they did not steer, they did not brake and More


    The Sportsters. No 'pick-up engines'

    Of course, we never talk that way about the members of the kinder modeled sex. But there are tribes of double-tatted hard core Harley riders who see it all differently. Harley-Davidsons Sportsters were once intended to be fiercely sporty Triumph to sweep Bonnevilles off the American roads. But just like everything and everyone in The More

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    Bad ended?

    Or very good? We found this outlaw Harley Davidson from someone who had bought it in blind passion, but who dared not ride it after an almost dead experience.

    The 883 has grown to the full 1200 cc, including all Screaming Eagle goodies. This is more common. More