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    A BSA, a reenactment and… It was Theo's birthday - column

    Keymate Ernie and I were satisfied with Project 13C, which was in a mild state of decomposition, and opened a swing-top bottle of Grolsch when Theo and someone else entered the yard. Theo is a motorcyclist with twinkling eyes. He masters the painting of classic motorcycles to perfection, and on his own birthdays he likes to do a round on his unrestored BMW R69S. Because of the pleasantly experienced R69S, we knew that Theo was on his birthday excursion. That could be quite right at the beginning of April. Someone else was new to us. More

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    Tips for refueling

    You can spray or repaint repairs of minor damage or welding yourself. That's why here are some tips for spraying. With a spray can. These are for sale in the standard color of your car, motorcycle, scooter or moped or can be 'additional'. Such spray paint must be at the right temperature to obtain an optimal result. […] More

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    Spray can

    Just for learning: The local aerosol disaster that the proud amateur aerosol enthusiast was confronted with More

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    Lacquers through the years

    The finishing touch Car paints have been around for as long as there have been cars. Only the way they are made – and raised – has changed over the years as much as the cars themselves. We look back on 120 years of car paint history and see what we can do with it now. The paint on cars […] More

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    The AMK car care special

    As a result of a conversation with someone who is currently restoring a FIAT 500 and a Chrysler Saratoga - which goes quite well together, the parts differ quite a bit - we hereby take a chapter from the -still limited available, see the box on the right of the site – AMK Auto care special at. Of […] More

  • Terwel, MV Agusta, paint job

    In an old sleeping bag ...

    in a dented cardboard box. For example, motor sprayer Theo Terwel received two tanks from Germany. That casual packaging was quite amazing. In the door and sleeping bag were two MV Agusta tanks that had to be 'done'. More

  • Muscle car sticker

    Cut and paste

    Precise sticking pays off

    Spraying is a craft, and so is labeling. An incorrectly fitted sticker can ruin the line of the entire car. There are many sticker - or 'decal' providers. They deliver 'transfers' which are in fact nothing more than a picture in layers of lacquer, cut texts and logos, stickers and images printed on foil More