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  • hotrods, Autotron, overnight

    Hotrods and other classic Americana

    OLDTIMBER FAIR & HOTRODSHOW ON 16 AND 17 NOVEMBER 2013 AT AUTOTRON ROSMALEN Classics, but also roaring engines and extra horsepower. During the weekend of 16 and 17 November 2013, Autotron Rosmalen will once again be full of Hotrods and Oldtimers. During the Oldtimerbeurs & Hotrodshow, visitors enjoy beautiful hotrods, brightly colored oldtimers with far too many More

  • Classic friends welcome you

    Welcome Classic Friend, The Foundation

    Welcome Classic Friends wants to promote the recreational use of classics. We ensure that owners of classics on multi-day trips can find accommodation with other people who own a classic. As a foundation we do this for no profit. More