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    Even more make up: Stickers and striping

     Even more make up: Stickers and striping Yesterday we talked about wrapping cars. But stickers and striping are less invasive. But the result depends on the approach. The stickers that are often used are the stickers with foil on it before applying – rubbing the sticker on. That foil layer keeps More

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    Paste stickers

    Paste stickers. That is a simple job if you keep a few things in mind: It is of course handy that a sticker or transfer is in the right place when the work is done. This is considerably more likely if we measure the case from the front and indicate the location it More

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    Striping so. For a rare Saab

    “Some time ago, Alfons Dolsma ordered / developed a complete set of striping for the SilverArrow for a SilverArrow owner from Meppel.
    Tomorrow I will go to him, in Meppel, and show him my Saab and some remaining pieces of the striping.
    But I will probably buy a complete set from him. This is so unique and for that € 160 I will not let it go!

  • Advertising Rolls

    A loan car with allure ...

    Advertising lettering on a RR, ... we asked. But it turned out to be a case of quintessentially English humor. And it drew quite a bit of attention. And it helped more than a little that the owner's girlfriend, Doetie Tieleman, has a sticker & lettering company. More