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  • Aston Martin

    Goldfinger and Thunderball Aston Martin

    For more than a few days, stories have been circulating that one of the four Aston Martin DB5s used in the James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball was stolen and eventually dumped into the sea in Florida, USA. No trace. That rumor flow started in 1997 when a Read more

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    GPS track & trace for classics

    GPS track and trace In recent months it has been raining reports about stolen classics from Limburg. There on our three-country road, the stolen vehicles are over the border and gone in no time. For the time being, they usually go to the richer fanciers in the former Eastern Bloc. Or they are disassembled because the parts are often Read more

  • Thieves

    Beware! The thieves are on the road again

    Lately we hear alarmingly many reports about classic cars and motorcycles that change owners without payment. It always concerns cars and motorcycles that, after burglary, disappear from closed garages and the like. It seems clear that the vanished vehicles were first 'discarded', as it is called in early Amsterdam bargoens. Read more

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    Stolen: Porsche 911

    This Porsche 911 was stolen on Sunday afternoon 5/5/2013 in the parking lot of the Race Wars event in Heusden-Zolder.
    Around 15u it was stolen by breaking the left side window. The perpetrators left the parking lot while driving, in the presence of a dark blue Volkswagen Golf 4. Read more

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    Mercedes-Benz 190 SL stolen

    On Sunday 23 October, the uninvited have stolen the Mercedes 190 SL from Stoffel Mulier. They took it from Kasteel Van Horst. The white 190 SL comes from 1955, has a red Read more

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    Jaguar XK 140 DHC stolen

    Untainted with more than good taste have stolen a Jaguar XK 140 DHC from the garage of Arie Lodder from Zevenbergen. A serious matter and a cowardly deed, we think. The black Brit with Read more

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    BMW 3.0 CS: stolen

    Bart loves his BMW. Just like any classic enthusiast, he cherishes the 3.0 CS and the car has a place under the carport. Bart can see him there every day. That was also the case on Tuesday 27 March. The next day the place under the carport was empty. The once-present BMW 3.0 CS now shone with its absence. The car was stolen on the night of 27 on 28 March. Read more