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  • Chrysler Sunbeam - Vintage cars in Auto Motor Klassiek -

    Chrysler Sunbeam, the last new car from Linwood

    In the 1976s, the sustainability of the now outdated design with rear-wheel drive and rear engine came under pressure. For years, the concept of the Hillman Imp and badge engineering derivatives had been in production. Chrysler UK saw the need for a modern constructed car in the compact class, which also had to succeed the Imp. It started in XNUMX with the development of the Chrysler Sunbeam. More

  • Sunbeam Alpine (1965)
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    Sunbeam Alpine (1965). Unprecedented driving pleasure

    Do you have any idea how to recognize a classic fan? He or she suddenly pops up when a classic comes into view. Always take the mobile with you so that photos can be taken immediately. Does not stop talking about classics and old-timers. Visibly gets a warm feeling. That also happened to us when we saw a beautiful 'open air' Sunbeam Alpine in the Frisian town of Ee. More

  • Chrysler

    A Chrysler, a Simca, a Sunbeam, a Talbot?

    And that's about names. Brands. Through all kinds of takeovers and reorganisations, there once seemed to be a clear, easily recognizable division between Chrysler in France, England and the mother country, the USA. But then Chrysler handed over the entire European branch to the Peugeot concern, while in the years before that it was just More

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    The Sunbeam Tiger: purebred cat or forest cat

    In 1956, Kenneth Howes and Jeff Crompton were commissioned to redesign the Alpine, with the aim of building a sports car for the American market. Howes had worked for Ford, so the car resembled an early Ford Thunderbird. Between 1959 and 1968, approximately 70.000 units were delivered in four More

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    A special way of anti-theft protection… The owner of this beautiful Sunbeam Alpine was on the safe side and installed a chain lock through the spoked wheel of his valuable possession. Was he perhaps used to it from the time he was still out on his bike? Photo: Exceptional way of theft protection. chain lock by More