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    “Adjustment of the event regulation for old-timers in the making”

    The Event Scheme for old-timers may be adjusted and expanded. The policy change will reportedly be published in the Government Gazette next week. Owners of old-timers in the transitional arrangement would then be allowed to take their vehicle - to a limited extent - to an event in the months of December, January and February. At the moment, the adjustment is still Read more

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    Suspensions - better plan?

    On the island it costs nothing, in the Netherlands you have to pay a lot for it every year. Since the introduction in 1988, various agencies have been busy convincing the government there that annual repeating is a bastard thing. Read more

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    MOT and tax authorities

    Driving to the MOT with your suspended vehicle… is that allowed?

    During the suspension of your non-tax-free vehicle, you received an exemption for paying motor vehicle tax, among other things. But then you want to have your car inspected ... Read more