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    “Adjustment of the event regulation for old-timers in the making”

    The Event Regulations for classic cars may be adjusted and expanded. The policy change is said to be published in the Government Gazette next week. Owners of old-timers in the transitional arrangement would then be allowed to take their vehicle - to a limited extent - to an event in the months of December, January and February. At the moment, the adjustment is still […] More

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    Suspensions - better plan?

    On the island it costs nothing, in the Netherlands you have to pay a lot for it every year. Since the introduction in 1988, various agencies have been busy convincing the government there that annual repeating is a bastard thing. More

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    MOT and tax authorities

    Driving to the MOT with your suspended vehicle… is that allowed?

    During the suspension of your non-tax-free vehicle, you received an exemption for paying motor vehicle tax, among other things. But then you want to have your car inspected ... More