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  • in requests Senate to suspend the old-timer scheme

    On December 16, the Senate will shed its light on the 40 year compromise. Although the House of Representatives on 19 last November approved by majority the amended exemption rules for old-timers, that arrangement is still not official. The Senate - which among other things tests laws and plans with regard to quality - still has to approve this. Team tries to prevent this - on behalf of many old-timer enthusiasts and owners. People still make an excessive effort - they again visited the Senate and in the meantime called on the supporters to keep their peace.

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    KNAC petition for MRB exemption a great success

    The petition that the KNAC put online (, created less than a day after the offending rule in the coalition agreement became known, is a huge success. 'The exemption in the motor vehicle tax for old-timers will be abolished for environmental reasons.' Well, the Netherlands certainly disagrees. The petition was signed more than 55.000 times, thanks in part to the huge lobby of enthusiasts who shared the link to their heart's content on their web pages, Facebook accounts and Twitter account, but also reported it to the members in their newsletters. For which of course our thanks. All sorts of other campaigns that were organized in the Netherlands, including a survey by the Telegraaf in 'Wat u Say', left nothing to be desired: the Netherlands is voting en masse in favor of the exemption motor vehicle tax for old-timer enthusiasts. More

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    Exemption Motor vehicle tax part 3

    The new plans of the Rutte Samson formation keep the minds busy. Heated reactions from enthusiasts who feel caught by the heavy burdens that await them when the MRB exemption expires. Different times also dawn for us classic and old-timer enthusiasts. But are these necessarily worse? Now it seems that way, but the big lobbying is starting. Various organizations that support the preservation of our driving heritage have already taken action. Including of course the KNAC who has placed a petition on her site, the FEHAC who is already in pressure at board level with the KNAC and your own Auto Motor Klassiek. What can we do to represent the classic and old-timer world as a front in The Hague? There must be an alternative. More

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    Exemption Motor vehicle tax part 2

    The FEHAC too - logically - has since spoken out against the lifting of the Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption, relying on the results of the independent investigation they had carried out by TNO on the environmental impact of old-timers. More

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    Changes in the Motor Vehicle Tax

    Although it does not come as a complete surprise, the bullet seems to have gone through the church from today: the exemption from the Motor Vehicle Tax, or motor vehicle tax for cars of thirty years and older, is - again - at risk. There will be changes, according to the first sounds from the fresh coalition agreement between the VVD and PvdA More