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    Own fault…. – column

    When the last congratulations came in, they were told once again why Jasper was not there. Jasper was in the hospital. Had a motorcycle accident. They reacted like the others: The ladies lapsed into emphasizing how dangerous motorcycling is. The men reacted more laconic. More

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    Appraisal is a profession. Quite a difficult subject

    We have been doing valuations for decades. And for an appraisal you must of course see the relevant classic. But you also need to know what you are looking at. For example, we had to assess a number of classics from a dubious bankruptcy, including a rather special Moto Guzzi. More

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    An appraisal and the appraisal value. All self-interest

    Taxation is often an insurance thing. According to the official, federation TMV, appraiser guidelines, the appraisal value is a value that stands for obtaining a vehicle in the same condition in the short term. And the amount of the valuation therefore has absolutely to do with that 'hurried work' of the short term. Because 'almost costs money'. And More

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    MG Midget restoration

    With the precision of an F16 By: René Gruwel – Wilbers Taxaties ( Henny Verheijen is no stranger to hard work. Take the restoration of his MG, for example, the hands are simply rolled up. And this MG Midget is being overhauled very drastically. Not because you have to, but because you can! More

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    Don't cheer too early ...

    ... if you have damage to your classic car and receive the message that An Expert is coming to take the case. That man does nothing more or less than determine what he thinks of it and reports that back ... More

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    Wandering The Hague can no longer ignore MRB exemption

    On 26 June a new problem arose for State Secretary Weekers of Finance. Business News Radio revealed that there is large-scale fraud in the import of second-hand cars from abroad. Appraisers and traders deliberately estimate the value too low, so that less BPM is paid when importing second-hand cars from abroad. And that means: less tax revenue.