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    Winter time, key time

    Okay, it's not winter yet, but summer has passed its peak. And that is the time to stop dreaming and what to do. In recent years, we have seen a trend that buyers of classics have the luxury to go for convenience. More

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    Find of a classic ... Resurrection 2.0

    Every classic lover dreams of resurrection stories. Because what could be more fun than seeing a classic that has slept for a long time come back to life? There are still tons of clean sleepers Forgotten classics that were put away years ago. We are currently dreaming about one Citroën GS and an Audi 100. The […] More

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    Rudolf Steiner and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance

    Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (Donji Kraljevec, February 25, 1861[1] – Dornach, March 30, 1925) was an Austrian esotericist, writer, architect, philosopher and had a unique view of pedagogy. He has become known as the founder of anthroposophy and its practical applications, such as the Freie Waldorfschule, anthroposophical medicine, healing pedagogy, social […] More

  • BMW R45

    'Blauwtje': A very special BMW R45

    Maurice Hünen is a Maintenance Supervisor, genetic engineer, motorcyclist and politically active. Maurice is a good acquaintance with whom we have regular contact. His BMW 'Blauwtje' was once such an unstoppable BMW R45. Recently Maurice has an R1150R. And maybe his unique Blauwtje will go away. “lack of space”. It's something. We […] More

  • Technical solutions

    Technical solutions and finds

    Technical solutions and discoveries If things can't be done the way they should be… Then things should be done the way they can. Because the correct solution cannot be achieved, some improvisation is sometimes necessary. In our luxurious setting, that is often like swearing in church. After all, there are passionate fanciers who already get a heart attack […] More

  • Aviodrome

    Aviodrome Lelystad. Aviation history and …… .old timers

    It is very worthwhile for lovers of the national industrial heritage. The Aviodrome in Lelystad is an ode to the national aviation history. The valhalla for aviation fans, which moved from Schiphol to Lelystad in 2003, is home to many, many beautiful things. And to such an extent that the aviofan actually […] More

  • Becoming a Tatra specialist is not something you just do

    Becoming a Tatra specialist is not something you just do

    Become a Tatra specialist? Apparently that happens to you. Simon, Niek and Maarten from Mc Motors & Cars in Arnhem are two genetic technicians. Tatras are difficult cars There in Arnhem, in addition to the regular cases, there are also technical problem and hopeless cases. On the gearbox of the Tatra that is now in Arnhem […] More

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    Diagonal tires and radial tyres: the advantages and disadvantages Suppose you have completely restored your classic car from before the end of the sixties and are ready for new tyres. The history of the vehicle has indicated that it was supplied with diagonal tires from new. Bystanders, many 'advisors' and connoisseurs have […] More

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    Jaguar Daimler Club Holland parts day in Druten

    A parts day at Jaguar and nice weather. A great opportunity to spot old Jaguars and find that one part that you were latently looking for. The parts day of the Jaguar Daimler club Holland traditionally takes place in Druten. Last Sunday, members and enthusiasts from far and wide […] More

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    Power steering

    Did you know that 'power steering' was first applied to an automobile as far back as 1876? The American Fitts is considered responsible for this. In 1903 – mechanical – power steering was mounted on a truck for the first time. That was on a 5 ton Columbia. The American Robert E. Twyford received the patent for […] More

  • Joshua Pennings

    Art and technology

    During a ride through the rain we saw his work displayed and attached a coffee stop to it. Joshua is an artist with skill, an eye for beauty and he is intrigued by 'the mechanics' behind the animals. More

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