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    Diagonal tires and radial tires: the advantages and disadvantages Suppose you have restored your classic from before the end of the sixties to perfection and you are ready for new tyres. The history of the vehicle indicates that it was delivered from new with diagonal tires. Bystanders, many 'advisors' and experts have More

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    Mini brakes

    In the old days, only the Austin and Morris Mini Cooper and Cooper 'S' – the little cars with 10” wheels – were factory equipped with front disc brakes. All other Minis had to make do with drum brakes all around. Boosting the engine still meant that 'the brakes' were the Achilles' heel of More

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    As a classic owner, you do the tinkering yourself, of course? Therefore, the valve cover must be regularly disassembled to adjust the valves. And then you suddenly see that the inside of the valve cover is provided with a tasty (…) white gunk that reminds you of mayonnaise… 'Sludge' in technical language. Don't panic, you have to More

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    Grease on time

    You will be amazed every time how many grease nipples can be found on the suspension, steering and drive of your classic car. And often they have to be provided with new grease every 1.500 kilometers. The wonderful thing is that all those lubrication points with the help of a good grease gun, if you are a little handy More

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    Make creeping oil yourself

    Tightening bolts, nuts and screws can be made 'ready for use' with penetrating oil. That prevents breaking. The ingredients used to make penetrating oil are often stated on the aerosol. It's about finding out what the main active ingredients are. Simply put acetone and ATF, 'oil' for the automatic gearbox. A ratio of half to More

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    Be kind to the link

    Clutch: You do 'start' the engine - with a classic - contrary to what many experts (...) want to claim, never with a clutch engaged. In addition to excessive and unnecessary loading of the thrust bearing and thrust group, you 'press' the crankshaft against the axial bearings that have not (yet) lubricated. Check if there is still enough More

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    Holiday tips classic or old-timer

    Are you going to experience a holiday with your classic or old-timer this year? Then a number of things are important to bring such a ride to a successful conclusion. At home you have made all the preparations, such as changing the oil and oil filter, checking and changing all further fluids (especially the brake fluid! Because you may go into the mountains?), Greasing, checking and adjusting valve clearance, checking contact points More

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    Buying a Rover P5 or P5B

    Recently confronted with an enthusiast who had set his sights on a P5 type Rover, but lost his interest in crafting because he ended up from one disaster to the next. Such a Rover is a jewel and exudes British aristocracy and not only because it was the favorite transport of the British royal family some forty or fifty years ago. It is therefore always a shame and very unfortunate if such an edetset is eventually cannibalized ...

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    Buy a classic

    The temptation is great, buy your own classic! Before you get that far, it's a good idea to do your homework properly. Buying happens faster and is easier than maintaining, late More

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    OptiMotor: devilish stuff?

    Fuel consumption is nowadays the magic word for every motorist and even motorcyclists. The usefulness of the OptiMotor addition to the engine oil of a used engine has already been confirmed after extensive tests by the German TÜV Thüringen. OptiMotor really works! On a tank with a capacity of 50 liters More

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    Slow windscreen wipers

    Is it going to rain and your windshield wipers are going back and forth tragically slow? This can have various causes. Your classic usually has an average age of 30 years or more. Have the correct wiper arms been installed? You never know, maybe the previous owner changed them? More

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