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    Rudolf Steiner and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance

    Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner (Donji Kraljevec, February 25, 1861[1] – Dornach, March 30, 1925) was an Austrian esotericist, writer, architect, philosopher and had a unique view of pedagogy. He has become known as the founder of anthroposophy and its practical applications, such as the Freie Waldorfschule, anthroposophical medicine, healing pedagogy, social […] More

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    Tools and keys. Because it's bad weather

    It is that they fall into a deadly series of repetitions. And that I think Mike Brewer is a creep. But thanks to Wheeler Dealers I was made aware of the existence of Clecos and welding magnets. Tools are nice. Self tinkering too. When I was on the MTS, that beauty was not yet there And later […] More

  • Tinkering for beginners

    Tinkering for beginners

    But it is wise to tinker in a clean, well-lit environment Chaos never shows craftsmanship. Highest of genius. With some tools, rest, your good mind and the Internet you can go a long way. On YouTube there are a lot of videos about doing targeted Tinkering for beginners on countless types […] More

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    Tools like Christmas presents then

    Completely unexpectedly, it is December 5th again. We don't know what you'll get out of the bag tonight. And to mail order now? It's too late for that. But in terms of gifts, we are of course still in the race when it comes to Christmas. And we had to […] More

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    Good tools are important

    Good tools are important This became clear once again when the clutch of a Yamaha XS650 had to be removed, because the shift shaft had to be replaced due to bad teeth on the shift pedal side. Even a double-strangled shift pedal had no grip on that anymore. You can easily tap that shift shaft out when the clutch is disassembled […] More

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    A handy tool ...

    That is what happens if you mount tension springs without a spring puller. You will not find them at the Praxis or Gamma, but at our advertisers More

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    Torque wrench

    Not only cylinder heads, rocker arm shafts, flywheels and so on must be tightened with a torque wrench, but also the wheels! How often does that happen? Not so often. We have seen that after changing a flat tire, owners fix the spare wheel 'by feel'. In most cases, that 'feeling' is hard to find […] More

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    Professional tools for hobbyists

    In the photo at the top of this story, there is a crescent of a valve spring retaining plate somewhere on it. A wedge. That it is such a mess in the photo, that is already indefensible. But the real trouble came because valves were disassembled without real valve spring pliers. The approach may be known: […] More

  • AMK Tools cutlery


    In the monthly section 'Wannahaves' we present fun 'gadgets'. But sometimes we get a question about stuff we haven't published about yet. AutoMotorKlassiek reader Luus Weimar, for example, wondered where she could score this cutlery to please her partner. Do you know? More

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    Handy tools: The blind rivet nut pliers

    In the past… In the past, professional tools were priceless. But now, thanks to our advertisers, you can buy all the beautiful tools that you have ever dreamed about. And because these jewels are not only affordable for every tool board nowadays, but also very cheap, you can purchase tools that you might need only 1 x.

    But that one time they have been worth their weight in gold ...
    And they remain bold on the tool board, 'special tools' department.

    Today: The Rivet Nut Pliers. Also a winner in scrabble. More

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