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    Benelli Tornado 1970-1975

    In 1968 Benelli presented the 650 Tornado. A two-cylinder parallel pushrod twin. In keeping with the Italian approach, it then took a few more years before the machines came up for sale. At the beginning of the 650s, the two-cylinder pushrod concept was actually already outdated and buried. The Tornado had to compete with the brands and machines that when the XNUMX finally went on sale… had actually already toppled over. Read more

  • The Benelli 650 Tornado. In the AMK March issue

    The Benelli 650 Tornado. In the AMK March issue

    The Benelli 650 Tornado, maybe not in your collection yet, but in the March issue of Auto Motor Klassiek† Already a fossil at its presentation. Beautiful, very thoughtfully designed and, entirely in accordance with Italian tradition, only for sale years after its introduction. And that was the blow to him. Because the era of the 650 cc Read more

  • A Benelli Tornado and other fossils

    Benelli Tornado

    A Benelli Tornado and other fossils We were standing by a Benelli Tornado 650. (1971-1975) That must have been one of the last fast, air-cooled pushrod twins. He was a bit dated when he was introduced. But when the Italians got some sort of production going years later? Then the Tornado was about the same Read more