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    Toyota rally history. The Forgotten WRC Victories (Boyce-Woods, 1973)

    Spends these months Auto Motor Klassiek attention to the rally history of Toyota. In a diptych we describe the roots, origins and backgrounds of the contemporary competition success of the largest manufacturer in the world. A success story that started in Belgium. Its history is bursting with background stories. That's why we also share an online More

  • Toyota Corolla Coupe GT Twin Cam 16

    Toyota Corolla Coupé GT. Abandoned hero status of a covered sleeper

    A funny thing, such a Toyota Corolla Coupé GT Twin Cam 16. But if you tell that the value shoots towards the thirty mille, people are nailed to the ground. After rather mediocre interest, this rear-wheel drive sleeper has been totally hyped for the past ten years. What does the AE86 derive from that sudden hero status? More

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    The New Cars of 1970. Part Three.

    The 1970 car year brought a variety of new cars. Some made a breakthrough, others paved the way. There were also manufacturers who further strengthened their own supply range. In part 3 you can read more about the NSU that became Volkswagen, the Ascona that was predestined as Kadett and the Toyota generation that became the More

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    These cars exist in 2019 40 year. Part One

    The new year is already on its way. It means that the anniversary flag is raised again for the necessary car models. As for the cars, which will officially reach the Dutch classic age of 2019 years in 40. We have made an overview, which we will present to you in several companies. And in that flashback More

  • Toyota Corolla
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    Toyota Corolla Special De Luxe (1968)

    Ordinary world traveler Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen Mask the type plates and a layman can't wait to see that he comes from the other side of the globe. In the sixties, the Toyota Corolla KE10 unobtrusively followed the trend of sober and angular mid-range cars. Nowadays More

  • The best car in the world: the Toyota Corolla

    The best car in the world: the Toyota Corolla

    In 1966 the Toyota Corolla hit like a bomb. The Toyota Corolla has been around for almost fifty years, and the decision to have this car born is a witness to vision. And 1077 cc engine capacity? That was just a bit more than the current 1000 cc and at that time almost a middle class value. More